Friday, February 29, 2008

Step 32 & 33 Check for cluster Stabilize & VG varied on

Wait for the cluster to stabilize. You can check when the cluster is up by following
a. netstat –i
b. ifconfig –a : look-out for service ip. It will show on each node if the cluster is up.

Check whether the VGs under cluster’s RGs are varied-ON and the filesystems in the
VGs are mounted after the cluster start.

Here test1vg and test2vg are VGs which are varied-ON when the cluster is started and
Filesystems /test2 and /test3 are mounted when the cluster starts.
/test2 and /test3 are in test2vg which is part of the RG which is owned by this node.
32. Perform all the tests such as resource take-over, node failure, n/w failure and verify
the cluster before releasing the system to the customer.

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sangeetha said...

Hi Santhosh

Very very useul website for AIX Administrator .

Could you please clarify what is boot ip,Presistant ip,Service IP in HACMP.

Then please provide some day today activities troubleshooting procedure.