Saturday, May 3, 2008

VIO server setup example

Virtual I/O Example
A user who currently runs applications on a POWER4 system may want to upgrade to a POWER5 system running AIX 5.3 in order to take advantage of virtual I/O. If so, do these three things:
y Create a Virtual I/O Server. y Add virtual LANs. y Define virtual SCSI devices.
In our example, we had an IBM eServer p5 550 Express with four CPUs that was running one AIX 5.3 database server LPAR, and we needed to create a second application server LPAR that uses a virtual SCSI disk as its boot disk. We wanted to share one Ethernet adapter between the database and application server LPARs and use this shared adapter to access an external network. Finally, we needed a private network between the two LPARs and we decided to implement it using virtual Ethernet devices (see Figure 3). We followed these steps to set up our system:
1. Enabled the Advanced POWER Virtualization feature.
2.Installed the Virtual I/O Server. y Created the Public Ethernet VLAN.
3. Installed the Virtual SCSI Devices.
4. Installed the Private Ethernet VLAN.

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