Saturday, September 11, 2010

Error when install softwares giving bosboot verification failure

Not able to install softwares giving bosboot verification failure

when we try to install software on aix box it gives me error of bosboot verification failed.

We check and found that /dev/ipldevice was not present. this file is a symlink of /dev/hdisk0 ( boot disk ).

so recreate the file /dev/ipldevice and make a hardlink of /dev/hdisk0

ln /dev/hdisk0 /dev/ipldevice

and then do bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk0

and then i tried to install software it works


Saranbalu said...

What is difference between Mirroring and Stripe

Lafir G Khan said...

In mirroring the files are written twice,once to each hard drive. That's good for users who want a constant backup of their hard drive.
Mirroring to protect data.

In Stripe the files are split and placed half on each drive. It speeds up file access. Striping is for better performance.