Friday, October 21, 2011

AIX videos Links

Welcome to the POWER6/POWER7 and AIX6 Hands-On Technical Product Demos
The idea is to provide the "cook book" information to get your started with these new interesting technologies and to answer some basic questions:

•What is it about?
•How do I get started?
•What are a few typical first good uses I could start with?
•How easy is it to use?
•How could this save me time or money?
•Where can I get more information?
We hope you find these movies interesting and let you make a flying start.

Currently, the movies add up to 20.6 hours of free education on the hottest topics.

Quick links to the main sections:

1.POWER7 Processor
2.AIX Workload Partitions
3.AIX6 and AIX7 Operating System Features
4.POWER6 Processor Features
5.Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM)
6.Other Cool & Interesting Stuff
7.IBM System Director 6 on AIX
8.Thirteen More Director 6 Movies
9.Back to POWER Basics
10.New Virtualisation Features
11.PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1 for AIX
The latest movies added are:

•2nd Sept 2010 - How Systems Director Saves Me Time - movie 84
•12th Jan 2011 - Shared Storage Pools Hands-On - movie 85
•28th Jan 2011 - Shared Storage Pools Intro - movie 86
•March 2011 - HACMP = PowerHA System Mirror
◦On this Techdocs website the famous Shawn Bodily, Power/AIX Advanced Technical Skills, USA presents four technical movies on AIX High Availability. These are in .mov format. I had to download Apple QuickTime to view them as other players don't work (mostly audio problems).
•PowerHA SystemMirror 7.1 for AIX by HACMP Guru Alex Abderrazag - this includes a set of 6 movies:
1.PowerHA Introduction to a typical environment used in the movies
2.PowerHA Configuration via SMIT
3.PowerHA The "clmgr" command
4.PowerHA High Availability in Action
5.PowerHA SAN Communications
6.PowerHA Application Monitoring
Notes on getting the movies to work on your PC:

•These movies are in Windows Movie Format (.wmv) to make them small enough to watch over the internet or download but this means some quality has been lost from the Audio Video Interleave (.avi) originals which are 60 MB to 90 MBs in size.
•When tested on some PCs it took 4 to 5 minutes to start the movie - please be patient and don't just assume its broken - some browsers download the entire movie before they start playing it.
•Other browsers handle the media file differently - some start Windows Media Player and some start it within the browser itself. Also I have found that some auto resize the movie to fit the window - so start the movie in a suitable sized browser window. The movies where first recorded at 1024x768 but later ones at 800x600 but higher resolution. Sorry but I rather create new movies than try to regenerate them all to one size. If the movie does not fit your screen the best fix is to upgrade your screen to at least 1280x1024
•If all else fails try to download the .wmv file and play locally on your machine: using Right Click on the Download link below and selecting "Save Link as" or "Save Target as". This may highlight your PC does not support this format (good luck sorting that out!).
•Linux workstation users - ideas please, can Linux handle the .mwv format? If so, how or a good alternative solution is welcome.
◦I am told that Linux can indeed play this format - have a look at this website for hints Ubuntu - Installing Mplayer Codecs and installing OpenSUSE codecs is really simple too.
•Windows 7 users - some of the older movies do not work with Windows 7 Media Player. This appears to be missing CODEC's from Windows 7 that were in early Windows versions send your comments to Microsoft. We fixed this by downloading the ACELP CODEC from - strictly at your own risk. I installed the Vista-64 version as I run Windows 7. Then watching the movie via the Windows Media Center (not the Player).
•For Windows 7 these movies have been remastered (August 2010) to fix Windows 7 problems of lack of certain CODECs found in earlier Windows versions, poor audio or hangs half way through: DFP, HMC7 Partition Mobility, Memory Keys, Partition Priority, CPU Pools and Monitoring Pools, Ganglia and PowerVM LX86.
•Feed back and further ideas for movies to Nigel Griffiths - nag at uk dot ibm dot com


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I was thinking of putting linix on my laptop. It's an older one. I use it for personal and business use for my Ham Radio.

Very useful article, if I run into challenges along the way, I will share them here.

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