Monday, February 1, 2010

New Stuff coming soon... Not getting time to blogging...


Geni said...

Hi Santosh,

Thanks for your HACMP Notes here.
Can be get in PDF format also. if not don't very i will do it and email you to check it

Thanks again

Deepak Rastogi

jayvanth said...

Hi santosh

kildly address the below query

- can we map a 1 physical disk (ex:hdisk2) to multyple vhost adapters in single vio server??

my mail id -

Santosh Gupta said...

No you cannot map 1 single disk to 2 Vhost.

Lakshman Jaasti said...

Hi Santhosh,

1.I would like to know default logfiles where information about lpars wpars stored.. (like start, stop, crashed, new lpar created, destroyed, memory allocated , pools assigned etc any info about virtual machines)

2. Some important processes regarding lpars/wpars..( i would like to write script for monitoring important processes with respect to lpar/wpars, like importnat daemons etc)

Thanks in advance

With Best Regards,

Darcy Ganga - IT Specialist - Ex IBM said...

Hi, excellent blogger congratulation.

Regards from Chile