Sunday, August 1, 2010

PLM Configuration on AIX

PLM can be easily configured using the instructions available from the Hardware InfoCenter. The main document title and links to all the other related steps is as follows.
Configuring resource management for AIX partitions with the Partition Load Manager:

This URL has links to key topic to assist in the
installation and configuration of PLM.

The topics are:

- Preparing to install the Partition Load Manager

- Installing OpenSSH software tools

- Installing the Partition Load Manager server

- Configuring the policy file

- Querying partition status

- Configuring Resource Monitoring and Control (RMC)

- Starting and stopping the Partition Load Manager server

- Commands for the Partition Load Manager

PLM is only valid for use with System p power 5 servers and typically this will also require a HMC at v6r1.x or lower. The latest patches for PLM should be installed prior to trying to start the PLM server. Additional information regarding PLM can be found at following URL.

Partition Load Manager
Support for System p

Related information
Partition Load Manager Support for System p

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