Saturday, August 7, 2010

EMC PowerPath key installation

EMC PowerPath key installation
This describes how to configure the EMC PowerPath registration keys.

First, check the current configuration of PowerPath:

# powermt config
Warning: all licenses for storage systems support are missing or expired.
The install the keys:
# emcpreg -install

=========== EMC PowerPath Registration ===========
Do you have a new registration key or keys to enter?[n] y
Enter the registration keys(s) for your product(s),
one per line, pressing Enter after each key.
After typing all keys, press Enter again.

Key (Enter if done): P6BV-4KDB-QET6-RF9A-QV9D-MN3V
1 key(s) successfully added.
Key successfully installed.

Key (Enter if done):
1 key(s) successfully registered.
(Note: the license key used in this example is not valid).

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