Saturday, August 7, 2010

EMC Grab


EMC Grab is a utility that is run locally on each host and gathers storage-specific information (driver version, storage-technical details, etc). The EMC Grab report creates a zip file. This zip file can be used by EMC support. You can download the "Grab Utility" from the following locations: When you�ve downloaded EMCgrab, and stored in a temporary location on the server like /tmp/emc, untar it using:
tar -xvf *tarThen run:
/tmp/emc/emcgrab/emcgrab.shThe script is interactive and finishes after a couple of minutes.


If you run into not being able to access an hdiskpowerX disk, you may need to reset the reservation bit on it:
# /usr/lpp/EMC/Symmetrix/bin/emcpowerreset fscsiX hdiskpowerX

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