Sunday, August 1, 2010

IBM Power system microcode (firmware) naming conversion

Difference between p5, p6 and p7 system firmware naming conventions?

On power5 systems all firmware levels began with SFXXX…. regardless of p5 system model. Starting in p6 and continuing on p7 servers they have different streams for the pSeries servers like EHXXX, ELXXX, EMXXX, ALXXX, AMXXX.

Does anyone have a paper, or a URL or can explain what servers will have these firmware naming conventions and why? Also, is the p6 firmware level naming convention the same as p7? Both p6 and p7 are definitely different than p5.


Not sure if all of this is the “formal” naming, but generally:

SF means “Squadrons Firmware”.

EH is Enterprise High-End
EM is Enterprise Mid-Range (formerly Intermediate-High)
EL is Enterprise Low-End

750 and 755 should be AL and 770/780 should be AM.
775, 790 and 795, or whatever comes out for the ultra high end would be AH.

I’m not sure, but A is probably Advanced. POWER7 shares architecture with their PowerPC A2 “wire-speed” products. It’s a substantial advancement on the NUMA technology they’ve been using since POWER5 (think Sequent acquisition).

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