Sunday, August 22, 2010

AIX7 WPAR support

AIX7 WPAR support
Besides adding AIX 5.2 support to WPAR's (workload partitions) AIX7 is also adding more virtual device support and security to the WPAR virtualization engine.
AIX WPAR support will add Fibre Channel support- or exporting a virtual (NPIV) or physical fibre channel adapter.Fibre channel tape systems using the "atape" driver are also
supported inside the WPAR in this configuration.
With the next releases AIX, VIO SCSI disks are now supported in a WPAR in the same manner as Fibre Channel disks. This feature is available on both AIX V7.1 and AIX V6.1 with the 6100-06 Technology Level.
Trusted Kernel Extension Loading and Config from WPAR (AIX 7.1 Only)
AIX V7.1 provides the capability for a Global administrator to export specific kernel extensions for a WPAR administrator to have the ability to load and configure from inside the WPAR.

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